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The service provided to me by Mr. Bujnovsky was performed professionally and within the agreed time frame. The communication was factual and efficient, there was no problem in agreeing on a time that suited both. I was very pleased with the proactive and innovative approach of Mr. Bujnovsky, I am extremely satisfied with the resulting product and I am open to further cooperation in the future.

– MUDr. Krejcirik, client since 2021

My work.

Eye doctor

This website was created for the ophthalmologist MUDr. Krejcirik from the Czech Republic.

The main reasons for designing this website were to inform patients about unexpected problems and to make booking appointments easier.

Shisha bar

I designed this site for a shisha bar under the branding agency Identio.

It focuses a lot on the branding of the bar – lots of black color, smoke and a dark atmosphere. Minimalistic animations create a very smooth and attractive experience for every visitor.

Healthy blog

A concept that aims to show the possibilities of a blog.

The blog contains a system able to write and create posts, pages with post categories, a featured Instagram feed, sections for sponsors and ads, and a simple contact page. 

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